Welcome to the Stargate Alliance Command Center!

The door to the heavens, the Astria Porta, the Chappa'ai, the Annulus...the Stargate. It has had many names across the galaxy, but it has one major purpose: interstellar travel. Everyone knows the story of Col Jack O'Neill, Dr. Daniel Jackson, the SGC...but what of the SGA?

Follow a new story, one so far removed from the stories that everyone knows that anything could happen, anything at all. Follow the mystery and intrigue that surrounds a universe where the trip to Abydos didn't result in the destruction of Ra and the beginning of the end of the System Lords. Follow the story of the SGACC.

"2 years ago, the Stargate program began in earnest. The device had been recovered in 1928, but nothing could be done with it for almost a century. In 2016, however, something remarkable happened...it turned on. A wormhole was established. A soldier came through, badly injured, but he identified himself as Ab'ruk, a once-servant of the god Ra.

Over the next few months, the soldier was treated for his injuries. He gave massive amounts of information about the Stargate, its function, and how it all worked. The people of Earth were able to use the information to travel to one of Ra's host farm worlds, Abydos. The first team, led by then Col Ken Nihart, found a room of hundreds of addresses and worlds. Now knowing what the Stargate could lead to, the Department of Defense created the Stargate Alliance, a new military unit drawn from all of the other branches as needed.

The SGA formation saw the promotion of Col Nihart to Brigadier General and granted command of the newly formed operation. General Nihart is ready to send forth teams to begin exploring the galaxy. Are you ready to join them?"

So, how does this work? Once you apply and are accepted, you will be added to the appropriate mission posts. These will be joint posts set up to guide you on the mission. I will provide some loose direction in the mission briefing, but the progress will be largely left to the characters and players (with occasional oversight on my part, particularly if the story doesn't seem to be moving). When the team is back on Earth, I will add you to the relevant base joint post. If nothing is going one, you can instead post in the downtime mission; feel free to include any team member stationed on the base or that is also on Earth between missions.

Once a new mission is devised, a joint post will be started with the team members to begin the briefing before departure. Then, the players will be left with the prompt and their own story designs to write. Canon elements that are established will be posted on the Wiki for reference.

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